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Update: The 2016 veggie pride parade will be held at the headquarters of a local company that cleans carpets for homes. We encourage you to head over to their website at http://questclean.ca to find their address and we hope you will join us on the special day. More info to come soon!

On Saturday, June 1, 2013 hundreds of people will descend on Yonge Street for the 4th annual joyful event.

The family-friendly parade will feature musicians, dancers, roller derby teams, party-goers and fun-seekers of all kinds. An after party will take place at Trinity Square, adjacent the Eaton Centre, with delicious vegan food, raffle prizes and more entertainers.

The Toronto Veggie Pride is seeking sponsors, donors, volunteers, entertainers, artists and community participants to support the 4th annual Veggie Pride Parade.

Download, print and share our poster here!

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