Veggie Pride Parade 2010

Photo courtesy of Kimberly Carroll

Where being “veg” gets rock star treatment


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Join us for Veggie Pride on Saturday, June 5, 2010.

11:30 am – Gather on Asquith Avenue (located one block north of Yonge/Bloor – next to the Central Library)

12:00 pm – Start travelling south along Yonge Street

1:00 pm – End Dundas Square

Take one day to celebrate Veggie Pride with the vegan and vegetarian communities in Toronto. We are hosting a family-fun community event open to all. Now more than ever is the time to explore why a veggie diet is the right choice: love of animals, healthy lifestyle, global warming. Whatever your stripes join us One Voice – Veggie Pride!

Take part in this joyful, diverse, and fun parade as a celebration of the veggie lifestyle and as a meaningful and inclusive veg advocacy opportunity.

Toronto Veggie Pride Parade 2010

TVPP welcomes PARTICIPANTS of all ages and walks of life to Canada’s first ever Toronto Veggie Pride Parade. This includes: Individuals, Families, Leashed Dogs, vegetarians, vegans, veg-friendly people etc.

We will also have Community Groups, Non-Profit Organizations, Businesses, and Professional Performers/Entertainers participating in the parade there with their own banners.

What to do as a PARTICIPANT in the Toronto Veggie Pride Parade while marching?
(Please Note: There will be a prize for best costume!)

MC Kimberly Carroll with Animal Mascots

  • Wear pro-veggie or pro-farm animal themed costumes
  • Use Facepaint
  • Wear pro-veggie logo’d t-shirts
  • Bring or make pro-veggie related signs/posters (i.e. posters saying: Veggie Mom, Veggie Student, Veggie Doctor, Veggie Artist, Veggie Baby, Veggie Dog, etc.),
  • Dance down the street,
  • Drum (Yembe) down the street,
  • Bring Pom Poms,
  • Hula Hoop down the street,
  • Skip Rope down the street,
  • Juggle (apples & oranges) down the street,
  • Blow Bubbles (Bubble makers) down the street,
  • Skateboard down the street,
  • Rollerblade/skate down the street,
  • Bring a manual Scooter to ride on down the street,
  • Bike ride in the parade, etc


Veggie Dog